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HUNTING:   Have you dreamed of a big game hunt in Montana?    If this has been your dream, we border the Kootenai National Forest to the North.  Hundreds and hundreds of acres are available for your use just across our property line.   One-half mile down the road, is an 1100 acre parcel of Montana State Fish and Game Lands available for your hunting pleasure.   Travel a little further, 2 to 3 miles, and there are thousands upon thousands of acres of Kootenai National Forest lands available for your hunting pleasure.  The Kootenai National Forest is 2.2 million acres in size.  Please remember, however, that we do not allow hunting or the discharge of firearms anywhere on our property.   Also, a valid Montana Hunting License is needed to hunt.  We are in District # 100.

We have two local outfitters  that we can refer you to for either a one day guide, two day guide trip or a week guide trip, if you desire.

White -tailed deer, mule deer, elk and turkeys frequent our property and the neighboring National Forest.   Game trails are seen in the National Forest close by.  Also found in the backcountry area of this area, along with the deer, elk and turkeys, are black bear, grizzly bear, mountain lion, wolf, coyote  as well as moose.
Elk in the 'Green Basin' below our property in winter.
Trout caught in the Tobacco River.
FISHING:   If fishing is your thing, there are many lakes, rivers and streams available.   From the Tobacco River along Highway 37 and in the town of Eureka, to Sophie Lake & Tetrault Lake, to fishing Lake Koocanusa where the Kokanee Salmon reign, there is something for everyone.    Drive south to Libby and find the Kootenai River where the State Record Rainbow Trout was caught on 8/11/1997, measuring 38.62" and 33.1 lbs. in weight.   A White Sturgeon caught in the Kootenai River in 1968 still holds the record at a whopping 96 pounds.

We have available local outfitters we can refer you to as well as information on  Pontoon Boat and/or fishing boat rentals for Lake Koocanusa.
Open Year Round